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We hire or partner with advanced practice clinicians to provide patient care to healthcare organizations. Extenders Group


    Extenders Group offers flexible, on-demand Telemedicine services and consultations to patients including post-surgical follow-up. PA/NP providers performing this service have multi-year experience in specific clinical specialty related to patient condition.


    PAs and NPs in Extenders Group provider network see patients at physician offices, urgent care clinics and medical centers with and without physician on-site. Services and scope of practice are customized to meet the need for individual client.


    Extenders Group’s PA Surgical Division provides first-assistant services at hospitals and surgery centers. Company end-to-end involvement enables Extenders Group to provide unparalleled continuity of patient care - from pre-operative screening and H&P to post-surgical rounds, discharge and at home follow-up during transitional care period via secure Telemedicine platform.


    Through close communication with the supervising physician or medical director, our diversified network of providers can perform acute and regular care visits. The major types of home visits include illness visits, home assessment visits and follow-up visits after hospitalization.


    For physicians with busy office hours or hospitalists, the acute demands on them can often prevent them from making all hospital rounds to follow up in person with their hospitalized patients. Providers in Extenders Group network familiar with unique specialty routinely perform rounds based on physician protocol which allows physicians to maximize their own efficiency as well as improve the quality of care for their patients.


    Physician practices usually utilize an answering service to take messages when they close for the day and to contact the doctor if they receive a clinical call from a hospital or patient. Extenders Group call triage service provides access for your practice during answering service hours by PAs and NPs in specific clinical specialty.

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